Why invest

Good returns from whisky maturation has been achieved for decades, we are now helping investors participate from this market, allowing private investors to buy quality Casks at wholesale prices.

In order to be legally sold as Scotch Whisky, New Make Spirit (the clear, potent liquid formed by fermenting and distilling malted barley, water and yeast) must mature in a wooden cask, in Scotland, for a minimum of 3 years. These casks have to be stored in an HMRC approved bonded warehouse.

The time spent in the cask creates a substantial increase in value, as Cask Maturation means the spirit can now be legally sold as Scotch Whisky.


A market in numbers

The global demand for scotch whisky outstrips supply.

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Scotch Whisky has historically delivered average returns of 15% pa over the last decade and is the undisputed king of whiskies, growing in export value by 11.4% from 2018 to 2022. It’s a tried and tested maturing asset – the longer the whisky matures, the smoother and richer its flavour. The smoother and richer its flavour, the greater its value.

Why purchase casks?

Whisky casks are a store of wealth. They’re increasingly sought as reliable hedges against times of economic uncertainty.

And, they’re viewed as one of the safest, most secure assets you can hold, alongside gold.

We’re here to give you a unique, simple way to enjoy the benefits of Whisky Cask Investment. When you become one of our investment partners, we guarantee:

– You own individual casks 100% outright
– Casks are stored in secure HMRC government bonded warehouses
– You’re not reliant on a single fund manager or company to perform
– If the distillery or the bonded warehouse goes bust, it has no impact your investment
– There’s no VAT to pay as excise duty suspended
– Your investment is CGT (Capital Gains Tax) exempt
– It’s fully insured against theft, accidental damage and spoilage
– The cost of secure storage is included in purchase price

How to invest

01. Decide on the number of casks

Our minimum order is two Casks.

02. Complete the order form & T&C’s

This can be done securely online or via mail.

03. make your payment

Once Payment is made you will be sent ownership documentation.

04. production

Once you have completed payment you will be allocated a Cask

05. Hold casks while maturing

The longer you keep your cask, the greater the return.

06. Sell, Drink, gift.

After 3 years and a day your cask is now Scotch Whisky.


Whatever you decide to do with your Scotch Whisky cask, we’re with you every step of the way. We’re here to help you decide which whisky to invest in and to ensure your cask is stored correctly and securely. When it’s passed Cask Maturation, we’re here to help you decide what your next steps should be.

We’re passionate about whisky. And we want you to share the excitement and sense of luxury that owning your own Scotch Whisky cask brings. This excitement goes hand-in-hand with something that’s also an extremely sound financial investment.

How to exit your investment

Drink it

First and foremost, Whisky is created to be enjoyed. So, once it passes 3 years of Cask Maturation, you can bottle it for your very own scotch whisky.

Gift it

Bespoke whisky is becoming increasingly popular as the ultimate customised gift.


Whisky auctions are a popular exit strategy and require the least amount of effort.

Whisky brands

Holding a whisky for its 3-year Cask Maturation period takes up a lot of a whisky brand’s cash resources. They prefer to purchase whisky that’s already matured, as this reduces cashflow constraints – they can buy a cask, bottle the whisky, and send it straight to resale.

Private Investors

Whisky collection is on the rise, and not just for the ultra-wealthy. Anyone passionate about whisky, who’s hoping to own an 8-year-old Whisky Cask, is far more likely to purchase a cask that’s already passed maturity – for a premium – than wait the full 8 years.

Ready to invest?

Whisky Investment Partners are a specialist Whisky Cask brokerage offering HMRC authorised Cask sales.

Speak to our knowledgeable Investment Consultants today by calling 0131 374 3050 or download your Whisky Investment Guide below